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Pink Living Room

Shauna, art, interior design, reading, obsessing over crosswords, shoes, her husband, her three kids, her grandchild, her two dogs, yoga, a glass of pinot noir, a sip of single malt whiskey, winning at euchre, swimming in a calm lake, dark chocolate, black licorice, long walks, barre, instagram reels of dogs, laughing with friends and family, home & design shows, bacon, the perfect chair, family history and discovering her dna roots, world  politics, ceramics, a good red lipstick, cooking, mid-century design, history, a comfy bed, old movies or musicals, a good gossip, buttered popcorn, Jane Austen, cheese, a sunny morning, the fall, not keeping score in golf, silver jewellery, glassware, Ella Fitzgerald and Dinah Washington, anything Winston Churchill, various shades of green, lolling about in a museum or art gallery, sitting on the dock, walking around in bare feet, pine trees, strong morning coffee, sleeping in. Historical Fiction. Writing. 


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